Egypt: Europe to not be immune from repercussions of transporting terrorists from Syria to Libya

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned of the dangerous repercussions of transporting the terrorist elements from Syria to Libya in North Africa, stressing that the European countries will not be protected from this.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement: "Some countries continue to support the terrorist gangs, providing them with platforms to spread their extremist ideas, funding and a safe haven for them."

The statement stressed: "The phenomenon of extremism is escalating on the international scene in conjunction with increasing the technological and organizational capabilities of the terrorist gangs which has enabled them to launch attacks in various parts of the world."

The statement also referred to the process of transferring the terrorist elements, especially from Syria to Libya, warning of the dangerous repercussions of this in North Africa, and that is what the European countries will not be safe from.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s statement came on the sidelines of Cairo's participation in a meeting of the "Communication Strategy Working Group" of the International Alliance against ISIS Mercenaries, which was hosted by the British capital, London.

The Source: Agencies

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