Egypt seizes Brotherhood cell run by Turkey in Alexandria

Egypt announced today the arrest of a Muslim Brotherhood cell in Alexandria, which is run by Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Turkey.

he Egyptian Ministry of the Interior seized 6 Brotherhood elements who planned to implement the rumors at the instigation of 4 Brotherhood leaders living in Turkey, using units in Alexandria to equip them as a photo studio, and cameras to produce fabricated materials about the internal conditions in the country were seized, according to the Arab Network.

Last May, the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of 11 accused Brotherhood members who were involved in forming a cell that produced fabricated and abusive films for the country to be broadcast on a Qatari T.V channel.

An official statement of the Ministry of Interior also stated that within the framework of its plan to expose the hostile plans of the Muslim Brotherhood, the National Security Sector monitored information on the issuance of fleeing Brotherhood leaders abroad a mandate for a number of Brotherhood elements and their collaborators in the country to work on implementing their plan that targets the security of the homeland and the Nile through the production and preparation of "fabricated" media reports and program to display them on a Qatari channel screen in exchange for huge sums of money.

The fabricated reports include the overthrow of the internal situation in the country, the promotion of rumors, and incitement against state institutions in implementation of the Brotherhood's directions.

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