Egypt: Turkey's ongoing violations undermine regional peace and security

On Friday, Egypt condemned the "persistent" Turkish violations of Iraqi sovereignty, saying that "Turkey's aggressive practices prove to be one of the sources of instability in the region," in light of Ankara's air strikes on sites in Iraq.

And Friday, the Turkish occupation fighters launched a series of raids on the mountains surrounding the towns of Deralok and Şêladizê in the Dohuk governorate in southern Kurdistan.

A statement by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry emphasized that the continuation of "this rejected approach would undermine security and regional peace."

It added: "Such ongoing aggressive practices reveals the reality that Turkey intends to impose on everyone, which proves what Egypt has repeatedly stressed, that Turkey is a major source of instability in the region."

Egypt expressed "its full solidarity with Iraq, people and government, in the face of these provocative practices."

It also called on all parties to "truly respect Iraqi sovereignty in words, and to distance it from any harmful regional conflicts that undermine the interests of the Iraqi people."

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