Egyptian Fatwa House: Muslim Brotherhood is terrorist group will not defeat Egypt

"A terrorist group, spreading destruction in the name of religion, did not offer any civilized achievement, but all they gave was empty slogans.


The Egyptian Fatwa House wrote in a series of tweets via its Twitter account

"This group has only provided terrorism."

The Fatwa House added, " the efforts will continue to expose their lies, and defeat them. "

The Fatwa house added that The Muslim Brotherhood has used religion as a means of lying, they are killers and they are targeting the homeland and young people using terrorist methods.

The Fatwa said, "Eighty years or more, you have only brought to your nation terrorism, murder and falsification of facts. No matter how criminal and terrorist you may be, You will not deter us and whatever you practice, you will not stop us exposing your lies and refuting your misguidance."



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