Egyptian Foreign Ministry: Erdogan 's Statements are hard proof of his link with Brotherhood

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that statements by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the death of the deposed president Mohamed Morsi "is a flagrant intervention and an attempt to enter into futile arguments and reveal his association with the Brotherhood."

In a statement to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Thursday, the ministry said that Erdogan's comments "interferes with him in the matter of the death of Mohammed Morsi through the allegations of questioning his death, and even accusing him of killing, and waving the stirring of the international order.

The statement added that Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri expressed "his condemnation of the irresponsible repeated statements of the Turkish President on Egypt, which does not live up to the level of serious comment on it."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the Egyptian authorities of killing Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and said he would make every effort to try Egypt before international courts over Morsi's death.

In a public speech, President Erdogan said that "Morsi did not die naturally, but was killed," pointing out that he would raise the issue at the G-20 summit in Japan.

The foreign ministry statement said that Erdogan's remarks "reflect the fact that he has strong relationship with the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, within the framework of a narrow agenda for influence and embrace and propagate extremist ideology formulated by the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated with al-Qaeda, Daesh and other terrorist organizations."

On Monday evening, the Egyptian public prosecutor issued a statement on the details of Morsi's death, stating that she had received notification of Morsi's death while attending the trial session in case No. 56458 for the year 2013, the crimes of the first Nasr City.

She noted that "during the trial and after the defense of the second and third defendants of the pleading, the Morsi asked to talk and allowed him to do so, where he spoke for five minutes after the end of his speech the court adjourned the hearing.



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