Egyptian parliament authorizes combat missions outside borders

Today, Monday, the Egyptian parliament announced, in a secret session, its mandate and approval of the intervention of the Egyptian armed forces to protect Egyptian national security, against the background of the situation in Libya.

The Egyptian parliament agreed to send elements of the Egyptian army on combat missions outside the borders to defend Egyptian national security in the Arab strategic direction.

The Egyptian parliament said that the army is empowered to defend national security against the actions of militias and foreign terrorist elements.

Today, Monday, the Egyptian parliament decided to hold a secret session at the request of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi without attendance to discuss an important matter, according to the description of Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel-Al.

Al-Sisi had announced, during his reception last Thursday, a delegation of sheikhs and notables of the Libyan tribal leaders about his intention to request the parliament’s approval to send troops to this country, stressing that the possible campaign will carry an exclusively defensive character.

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