Egyptian writer: Erdogan has paranoid; Arab countries must know will not be safe

Egyptian writer Osama al-Enezi said that Turkey is not only targeting northern and eastern Syria, but that its Ottoman ambitions seek to control all areas of wealth, and warned Arab countries that the current Turkish invasion will target everyone.

Attacks by the Turkish occupation army on the north and east of Syria, amid international attempts, most notably the positions of the Arab countries that rejected these attacks, and talked to the Hawar News Agency Egyptian writer Osama al - Enezi.

Al-Enezi began his speech by saying, "Erdogan is suffering from paranoia and trying to restore his popularity and his party at the expense of the ruins of a state. Turkey will not only target the Syrian north but will attack the ruins of any weak state The Ottoman ambitions seek to control the areas of wealth, but underestimated by the destruction of countries is a tool for global forces seeking to redistribute the Middle East.

Regarding the positions of the Arab countries, Osama al-Enezi said, "Unfortunately, the position of the Arab countries is like the black bull, whose head was buried when it devoured the white bull. I believe that no one will be spared from the current invasion of our region.

Regarding Egypt's position in particular, the Egyptian writer said, "Egypt has always followed the ambiguity in all its positions with Turkey, but this time it has sought to form a unified Arab public opinion to stand against the invasion, but as usual failed because most countries submit their own accounts before the public."



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