Elderly man witnessed of brutal practice by Turkish gangs in his village

He was witnessing to theft and looting carried by elements of the Turkish occupation and its gangs within his village, his brother was martyred by Turkey’s gangs and could not bury him, I fled till I reached to the people Protection Units (YPG).


The Turkish occupation army and its gangs launched fierce attacks on the Afrin canton on January 20, killing hundreds of civilians and injuring hundreds others, and fearing massacres against them, thousands of families left, leaving everything behind them heading towards to al-Shahba canton .

Stories, novels and eyewitnesses abound over the practices of the Turkish occupation forces and its gangs. Among these stories is the story of the 85-year-old citizen of Khalaka village belonging to Bulbul who lived for a few days with gangs to test the facts of the occupation and gangs.

Uncle Golin told his story with gangs saying "I did not know that the  gangs arrived in the village. Suddenly I heard the sound of someone taking off my door. Two of them, known as gangs and two others in front of the house, searched the house for money and gold, if found. They get something."

Uncle Golin added "Then they stole all the blankets, mattresses and electric appliances and put them in their car. I had only a little sum of money that was not more than 5000 SYP. They also took me away. After the theft, they broke all the furniture of the house and opened fire on the house and I fell on the ground. They went."

Theft of cattle

I had 15 head of cattle. The next morning I wanted to inspect cattle but unfortunately, I found nothing in the barn. I went to look for cattle. On the way, I asked a mercenary about the cattle. He replied, “they had gone to the mountain." I searched for livestock, but did not find their trace. Then I realized that gangs also stole the cattle. I asked them several times to retrieve the cattle for four days in a row. Then they beat me with the back of Kalashnikov weapon".

His brother was found dead

About his brother, he said "I do not remember a specific day of resistance but it was approaching the 50th day. I went to my brother Bilal's house to take bread. When I entered the house, there were traces of blood in front of the door of the house. After I entered my brother's room, I saw him. I could not do anything except cover his body and I went out of the house and I am sorry because I could not do anything even burying my brother. "

YPG saved him from gangs

I tried to escape from the gangs several times but could not due to continuous clashes in the neighboring villages. I decided to escape from the mountains. After I left the village, I heard bullets coming. I stopped to see if someone was coming towards me and I realized that there was no one. I was able to reach one of the points of People Protection Units (YPG) who rescued me and took me to the Afrin Center.

I was beaten because I demanded my right

Uncle Golin said he did not do anything. "I only demanded my right to return what they stole. All the houses in the village were stolen and things that are hard for them to take broke and burned them in front of my eyes."

And ended his speech saying "By any right we see these crimes and the destruction caused by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, but we promise that Afrin will remain for the people of Afrin and we will resist till the last breath ."

Uncle Golin is currently living with his family in Kefr Naya district belonging to al-Shahba canton .



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