Elections of Turkey, northern Kurdistan... Another blow for Erdogan after al-Bagouz!

As Erdogan's government benefited from the Syrian crisis and its president, Erdogan, boasted of all the occupation and domination of the terrorist groups in Syria at the expense of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, the countdown to the painful blows he received, which began in Kobani and the harshest were in al-Bagouz and today continued in the elections, the slope where the free people will declare the end of the arrogance and dreams of this dictator.

The elections took place in Turkey and northern Kurdistan on Sunday, in an atmosphere dominated by violence and manipulation by the government of Erdogan and its security and military institutions and mercenary extremists to instill fear among citizens within the cities of Kurdistan and even Istanbul itself. Regardless of the planned state terrorism in the past two years including arrests, exile, killing and destruction of cities and displacement of the people in northern Kurdistan, but despite this, he proved Erdogan's defeat.

In the Kurdish region of Kurdistan, the Kurdish people and through their political will represented by the Democratic Peoples' Party and right policy to move towards a political solution despite the policy of genocide created by the government of Erdogan and its occupying army in these cities like displacement, killing, destruction and arrests of thousands, In addition to five other cities and 45 provinces and regions in northern Kurdistan, the people have returned to their party the Democratic Peoples' Party.

The Democratic Peoples' Party has re-established all municipalities in the city of Amed and its environs, which were occupied by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) by arresting their heads and placing agents in the municipalities during the past year.

The other defeat to Erdogan is the victory of the Republican Peoples' Party, which opposes Erdogan in the Turkish capital of Ankara and in Izmir and Istanbul, which adds insult to Erdogan's injury, on Sunday night, he addressed his followers that he will "address" their weaknesses as they lost several areas were strategic and guaranteed, following his speech were several crimes committed by his mercenaries in the cities of Turkey.

Citizens of the supporters of the Turkish Sa'ada Party of in the city of Malatya were killed by AKP militias, as well as the Turkish army and security stole the ballot boxes in several Kurdish cities, and the final and official toll in Istanbul were suspended by the government news agency.

A defeat succeeded another befalling on Erdogan and his party on the popular, external, political and economic levels since the victory of Kobani to the victory of al-Bagouz, which has greatly affected the introduction of Turkey's situation in a new phase towards the steep slope, which plunged itself into the Syrian quagmire and the region negatively against the interests of peoples and neighboring countries for his phantom ambitions.

When Syrian Democratic Forces announced final victory over Daesh in Syria, al-Nusra and Daesh's main supporter came out in public to provide moral support to radical extremists and fanatics saying "We will fight the terrorists in northern Syria and their presence worries us." His speech was contrary to the speeches of all the leaders and commanders of the military and political forces in the International Coalition who thanked Syrian Democratic Forces for their historic victory, to show his anger over this defeat indirectly."

On the economic level, the devastation is over the horizon in the post-elections stage, it will reveal much of what will befall this government and its ruling party. On the popular level, the elections proved that, just as Erdogan was defeated in his domestic and foreign policy, he has lost popularity at a very large level.

As was the survival of Daesh, other extremist groups, the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and other countries of the Middle East is a source for strong economy, political and military gains and influence and power to the government of Erdogan, the defeat of these groups by the Syrian Democratic Forces and democratic peoples in the Arab countries have changed the course of the phase: the inception of countdown to throw Erdogan and his party into the dustbin of history, according to officials of the Democratic Peoples' Party of Turkey during the elections held on Sunday.



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