Elham Ahmed: 'Kurds are subjected to a war of extermination'

Elham Ahmed stressed on the obligation of prosecuting murderers of the Kurdish family in Konya before the International Criminal Court.

Head of the Executive Body of Syria's Democratic Council commented on the racially motivated attack against the Kurdish family of Dedeogullari in the city of Konya saying in a tweet published on her account: '' we condemn the racist policies of the AKP, which yesterday led to 7 Kurds from one family being killed,  Kurds are subjected to a war of extermination and the international community must stop these massacres and bring the perpetrators to the International Criminal Court.''.

On May 12 the Dedeogullari family that descends from Qars in Northern Kurdistan came under attack  by knives, batons and stones by a racist Turkish group made of 60persons that threatened the family with death.

This comes at a time such attacks are on the rise on Turkey carried out by fascist Turks against Kurds. On June 17 HDP member in Izmir Deniz Poyraz was murdered by a fascist Turk.

In September 2020 Kurdish female workers were attacked and beaten severely in Sakarya by Turkish men in northern Turkey.

Last May a Kurdish family from Southern Kurdistan came under attack with premeditated murder in the Turkish city of Mersin while they were they on tourism.



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