​​​​​​​Energy Office in Jazira region announces the start-up of two gas turbines at Al-Suwaydiya facility

The technical workshops at the As-Suwaydiya generating facility activated two gas turbines and connected them to the public electricity network, while the Energy Office in the Jazira region indicated that the amount generated through them would feed the service lines.

On November 23rd, and during its continuous attacks on North and East Syria, the Turkish occupation targeted the gas facility in the village of As-Suwaydiya, south of Derik district of Qamishlo canton, which led to its out of service and thus the power outage in the Jazira region, in addition to the gas cutoff in northern and eastern Syria.

The technical workshops of the Energy Office in the Jazira region have begun their work, tirelessly, in order to restore the electric current.

This evening, the office announced, on its official page, that two gas turbines had been taken off and connected to the public network, with an average load of 35MWh.

According to the office, the entire amount currently generated will be allocated to feed the service lines in the Jazira region.

Today, ANHA ‘s agency published a report on the damage caused to the facility as a result of the Turkish occupation's bombing of it.


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