​​​​​​​ENKS demands serve enemies of Kurds

The Co-chair of Aleppo Cultural Forum, Leyla Khaled, said that the demands of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) to cancel education in the Kurdish language and the co-presidency system help the enemies of the Kurdish cause.

In light of the relentless efforts and discussions taking place among the Kurdish parties to achieve the Kurdish unity, the requests of the Kurdish National Council appear to undermine the gains of the Kurdish people accomplished over 10 years by making great sacrifices during the revolution.

In this regard, the Co-chair of Aleppo Cultural Forum expressed her regret at the position of the Kurdish National Council and its unacceptable requests by the Kurdish National Unity Parties and the Kurdish people, and indicated that the Kurdish National Council puts many obstacles in front of the Kurdish unity talks.

Leyla said: "The Kurds have reached a level that they have not reached throughout history via the successes and achievements they have achieved, and they have proven their existence and identity to the whole world, and that is why the Kurds at the present time are required to support each other and not create obstacles to their unity."

Leyla added: "In any agreement between any parties, the enemies seek to thwart the agreement because they have different goals, but the Kurdish National Council which claims to be Kurdish is the one that impedes the achievement of the Kurdish unity."

Regarding the exclusion of women's role in the co-presidency system, Leila said: "Why does the Kurdish National Council reject the co-presidency system? We do not accept the exclusion of the resistance and the sacrifices made by women at the expense of satisfying the Kurdish National Council. The mindset is adopts is authoritarian."

Leyla continued: "Regardless of the leading role of women in North Syria Revolution, the co-presidency system is what made the Autonomous Administration a model and an example for all the world in managing society, and this is the difference that distinguishes the Autonomous Administration from the rest of the ruling regimes."

It represents the opposition and demands to teach the Syrian government's curricula""

Regarding the role of the Kurdish National Council in the Syrian opposition, Leyla explained that there is a great contradiction between what the council claims and what it demands, so how can it claim that it represents the Syrian opposition and at the same time demands that the Syrian government's curricula be taught in the Autonomous Administration regions?!

In this regard, Leyla noted: "This is clear evidence that the Kurdish National Council does not struggle with a Kurdish identity or mentality. With this mentality, it serves the agendas of countries that oppose our cause. Furthermore, we have sacrificed tens of thousands of martyrs in order to protect our identity and our language."

The Co-chair of Aleppo Cultural Forum, Leyla Khaled, concluded her speech by saying that the Kurdish National Council should not be a tool at the hands of the enemies of the Kurdish cause, and they must unite to ensure their presence and preserve the gains of the Kurdish people. 


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