EP calls for severe sanctions against Turkey

Today, the European parliament has called for imposing severe sanctions against Turkey on the background of its activities in Varosha region

A statement of the European Union said that the Parliament "condemned illegal Turkish activities in Varosha neighborhood of Famagusta city, warning that a partial opening of it would undermine the prospects for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem, aggravate and reinforce division on the island."

Representatives of the European Parliament called on Turkey to "transfer Varosha to its legal residents under the UN Interim Administration, in line with Security Council Resolution No. 550/1948, and to refrain from any moves that alter the demographic balance of the island through the policy of illegal settlement."

He also warned that "Turkey is distancing itself more and more from European values and standards."

Parliament asked "the European Council to maintain its unity in the face of illegal Turkish activities and to respond with harsh penalties."


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