Erdogan is at stake on S-400 missiles

Turkish politician analyst TurgutOglu said Ankara faces a major dilemma because of US threats against it over the deal to buy Russian missiles.

In an article by Turkish politician analyst TurgutOglu, entitled "Erdogan is at stake on the S-400 missiles" published by The Independent, he noted that the letter of threat sent by US Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan on June 6 was a great embarrassment to Turkey.

He pointed out that the date of November 24, 2015, the beginning of a new chapter in relations with Moscow, as the Russian fighter aircraft was deliberately dropped on the Syrian border, and this was a resounding incident, forcing Turkey to take sides to Russia at the international level and to Iran on the at the regional level, the Kremlin said Erdogan apologized to Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it was not an ordinary apology. It was his time to purchase the S-400. This was a process that started with a war and ended in love. For the first time, For the first time Erdogan becomes so confined in a narrow corner, while he was known in his international relations vision pragmatism

Turkey's expected losses from its crisis with Washington, stressing the possibility of imposing long-term sanctions, could disrupt the defense system, which could lead to the suspension of about 1,000 large local companies  and stopping tens of thousands of employees from the work and threaten the fate of agreements with the United States in the field of Civil aviation, and move Turkey away from the NATO alliance, which removes them from the axis and allows the system of Erdogan to become a purely dictatorial

He pointed out that the second option is the continuation the deal and the tax of anti-Washington and the European Union together, and the exposure to heavy economic sanctions followed by unfair political sanctions at the international level, pointing out that the third option is likely to resort to Turkey to avoid loss of either party and sacrifice $ 3 billion against S- 400 to appease Putin, but not used but thrown aside so as to please the United States and NATO.

He concluded by saying that if these three possibilities are not met, then a new phase will begin in the region. The importance of waiting for the outcome of the meeting, which will bring together Trump and Erdogan on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Japan, is expected to be decisive in this regard.



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