Erdogan says he does not target the Kurds, reality reveals the truth of his claims

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says from time to time that he is not targeting the Kurds, but the destruction of Kawa mourning statue and the prohibiting of the Kurdish language and imposing the Turkish language in Afrin showed the falsity of his claims.


Afrin turned into Turkish settlements, pictures of Eredogan on the walls, the Kurdish language is prohibited and the Turkish language imposed instead "The name Avrin Hospital, which was written in both Kurdish and Arabic, is now written in Turkish," Senator Thomas Garrett, a senator and congressman said.

On the 18th of last March, the day of the occupation of Afrin, the Turkish occupation forces invaded Afrin, looting everything in one day and destroyed the statue of Kawa statue.

Kawa al-Hadad, is a legend which all the Kurds consider as a resistance symbol, it was destroyed by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, and now a Turkish flag was put instead of it

Erdogan's pictures were hung in all the schools. The pictures proved that, and they did not stop at this extent. They even named "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" roundabout instead of the "Watani" roundabout which is considered as a national symbol of resistance among the people of Afrin

After the occupation of Turkey to the town of Rajo, one of his soldiers wrote the words "I do not know who burned Rome but we are burning Rajo," this phrase shortened the Turkish aim. The phrase showed that Turkey aims to annihilate the Kurds and the burning the land of the Kurds.

Now the proportion of Kurds in Afrin does not exceed 10% today, after the proportion of Kurds in Afrin 90%. According to the Syrian Observatory, more than 300,000 Kurdish persons have been displaced from Afrin, but the number is much higher. There are about 400,000 Kurdish citizens in al-Shahba canton, who have been forced out of their homes as a result of the Turkish aggression.

According to the few remaining Afrin residents who live in Afrin, Kurdish residents cannot leave their homes. If they go out, they are liable to be kidnapped, ransom or even killed. Some of the citizens describe Afrin as "Afrin is a big prison for its native citizens."

"If you staring at a mercenary or a settler from al-Gouta, you can be tortured or even killed," a resident of Afrin says.

I know that Turkey's goal of occupying Afrin is to exterminate the Kurds and expel them. So what does Erdogan mean when he says that he is not targeting the Kurds?

During the attacks, the Turkish occupation targeted Avrin hospital, and after media reports that proved it, the Turkish media published a video recording and displayed the printing press near the hospital and showed it as Avrin Hospital. However, Avrin Hospital appeared in a corner of the recording angle to expose the Turkish media.

These pictures, taken at different times, prove the falsity of Erdogan's claims.

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