Erdogan supports terrorism ... a Dutch document reveals his link with extremists

The AKP supports terrorism wherever it is present, as a leaked Dutch intelligence document revealed a link between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the rise of extremists in the Netherlands.

The document indicated that Erdogan's goals of "Islamization" are spread in the Turkish community in the Netherlands through "Dutch Turkish associations", according to what was reported by Al Ain News Network.

According to the 30-page document, Turkish Salafi organizations enjoy "strong ties" with Turkish organizations in the Netherlands, especially with youth organizations.

These groups in turn interact with "Salafi" preachers and communicate via social media, where they glorify extremists and exchange anti-Western as well as anti-Semitic messages.

In one of the parts of the document titled "Erdogan's Islamization Strategy: How Salafists Benefit", it was pointed out that the Turkish president provided space for "Salafists" in his country as he strengthened his political power over time.

The document sheds light on Turkey's relationship with certain groups, including the mercenaries of Tahrir al-Sham in Syria, where Erdogan has provided a space for other "terrorist" movements, including the "Front of Eastern Islamic Raiders."

The report's analysts also discussed the relationship between Erdogan's positions and the Utrecht tram attack in 2019.

On 18 March 2019, 3 people were killed and 7 others were injured in a mass shooting at the Utrecht, Netherlands, tram by Gökmen Tanisch, the 37-year-old Turkish man who was later convicted of the attack.

Analysts said the Turkish president used the pretext of shooting in Christchurch in New Zealand (March 15, 2019) by a violent white fanatic earlier that year and anti-Western public rhetoric to play the role in inciting Gökmen Tanish to launch the attack.



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