Erdogan's adventure prompted him to seek a lifeline, Iraqis prepare to demonstrate again

Observers saw Erdogan's acceptance of Pence and his agreement to halt attacks on northern and eastern Syria reveal the extent of the difficulties he is living on because of adventure, which leads him to seek a lifeline in any initiative, whether from the United States or Russia, while the UN envoy to Yemen Griffith spoke about A glimmer of hope to resolve the crisis, as Iraqi demonstrators prepare to take to the streets again next week.

On Friday morning, The Arab press touched upon to the Syrian developments, as well as to political process in Yemen.

 Al-Arab: Trump's deputy stops Erdogan's "folly"

"The meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US Vice President Mike Pence ended in an agreement on a ceasefire in northeastern Syria," Al Arab newspaper said. In a move that raises many doubts about the ability of the Turks to abide by in light of the media and political promoting that dominated the Turkish discourse in recent days. "

"The United States and Turkey have reached a preliminary ceasefire agreement between Turkish and SDF fighters, which represents Washington's success in putting great pressure that forced the Turkish president to accept the ceasefire and to accept a compromise that does not reflect what the Turks were seeking."

Surprisingly, the strong statements made by the Turkish president against the United States and its leadership were faded. After saying he would not meet either Mike Pence or Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the Turkish president returned to meet with the US delegation for nearly two hours.

The Turkish president's acceptance of the meeting with Pence and his accompanying delegation revealed the extent of the difficulties he is living in because of the adventure in northern Syria, which leads him to search for a lifeline in any initiative, whether from the United States or Russia.

Pence's visit comes after Trump's strong remarks in which he called Erdogan the fool and the devil to show the extent to which Erdogan's arrogance broke and accepted to continue dialogue with the Americans despite the blatant insult.

In a message after the incursion began in northern Syria, the US president warned his Turkish counterpart: Don't be a fool.”

"I will not meet Pence and Pompeo," Erdogan said.   When Trump comes I meet him, but he returned to accept the meeting because of the threat of US sanctions destructive.

Turkish political circles say that Erdogan has turned his back to the wall and has no room for maneuver with Washington, which is trying to manage its losses after Trump's adventure to evacuate the place in front of the Turkish attack, which will enable Russia to establish itself stronger party.

These circles suggest that Pence's visit could provide an opportunity to curb Erdogan's "folly" not only in the image of the United States in the region, but mainly against Turkey, which is awaiting a series of harsh US sanctions if President Erdogan continues to stubbornly and flee forward.

Al-Sharqa al-Awsat: Griffith sees a "glimmer of hope" in Yemen

On the Yemeni issue, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said, "The UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith, yesterday, about the existence of a" glimmer of hope "to resolve the crisis in Yemen. He praised the "strenuous efforts" made by Saudi Arabia, through hosting a dialogue between the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council, in preparation for the return of the government to Aden.

Griffiths pointed to the low rates of violence in southern and northern Yemen, although he considered this «fragile and needs attention and attention». Griffiths told the Security Council that the glimmer of hope "is not only shining in the south," but also in the north, "where violence has recently subsided."

He expressed thanks for the "strenuous diplomatic efforts made by Saudi Arabia" and praised the role of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom he described as supportive of peace in Yemen. He urged Griffiths to "speed up" the return of the Yemeni government to Aden.



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