Ergun Babahan: Western states consider Turkey as partner to Russia

Journalist Ergun Babahan said that Russia condoned Turkey's practices in Idlib and noted that Western states would consider Turkey as partner to Russia after buying the Russian S-400.

Turkey announced the start of the receipt of parts of the Russian S-400, despite the opposition of the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO. To talk about the repercussions of the Turkish decision on the whole Turkish policy, especially regarding the Turkish presence in Syria. Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with journalist Ergun Babahan.

Turkey will not end its presence in Syria unless the Syrian crisis is resolved '

Babahan pointed out that there are two unresolved issues in Syria after "the first issue of the situation in Rojava, including Afrin, the second is Idlib's case. Currently, the Iranian forces have withdrawn from Idlib, and America and the Western states are sending support and weapons to the mercenaries to put pressure on Russia there "

"If Assad is still living on the dream to bow the Kurds or the Islamic forces and returning to the conditions such as before, 2011 he lives in great delusion, this matter is not possible, so Turkey will not maintain its presence in Idlib."

America warned Turkey

Babahan noted that there is a trend in the American administration that calls for maintaining relations with Turkey. "The leadership of Rojava 's leadership to Geneva and the signing of an agreement with the United Nations cannot be done without American approval," said the same administration that has set up an award for the arrest of Jamil Paik, The Washington Post, all of this is a message to Turkey that the Kurds who fought against Deash and presented their bodies to live in freely, we will not abandon them, and they will be on the table solution.

Various military operations in Idlib

Babahan stressed that the solution in Idlib lies in the elimination of the jihadists, "but there are about two or three million people can go to Turkey Turkey will not bear all this in terms of humanitarian and economic Turkey tried to collect the jihadists in Idlib and use them in accordance with their policies, but That was the biggest mistake of Turkish politics. "

'S-400 will put Turkey in a big mess'

As for Turkey's receipt of the Russian S-400 system, Babahan said, "America and NATO will not accept this, and we will see how Turkey will pay a heavy price." NATO and America do not accept this situation, but as a result Turkey has a population of 80 million and a strong state, and the entry of this state into a big mess will cause great chaos in the Middle East, Europe and the Balkans."

'Trump is a great guarantee for Kurds in Syria'

"Turkey's number of friends in America is declining as a result of the purchase of the S-400 system," said Babahan, who is currently Turkey's only supporter of Trump and a group in the White House. "We will stay in Syria, because Trump cannot read the situation in the region, and now Trump seems to be the special guarantee of the Kurds in Syria," he said.

"I think Trump will try to get through the situation smoothly, but NATO will not see Turkey as a partner, or a client of Putin," Babahan said, referring to the purchase of the S-400 system that would be the reason for many actions against Turkey that would include economic sanctions and end cooperation. The phase of the exclusion of Turkey began. "

'Russia condones Turkish freaks'

Turkey has been more biased to Russia in its foreign policy, he said, adding that "Turkey has linked its production of nuclear energy as well as its defensive weapons to Russia, and is moving with Russia in many areas." But recent developments have confirmed that Turkey cannot agree with Russia on many topics such as the issue of the Syrian crisis, recognition of the Kurdish entity as well as the issue of the Circassians Putin now is ignoring of Turkey and its practices in Idlib, but when it controls the things there, and a rift between America and Turkey will act more freedom."



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