Escalation of Idlib may lead to direct confrontation between Syrian Regime, Turkey

 The situation in the (demilitarized) areas is heading toward escalation, which could lead to direct confrontation between Turkey and the regime with Russian support, after the recent attacks on a Turkish point, which observers considered a Russian message to Ankara.

The Arab newspapers touched  upon the demilitaraized zone escalation between Ankara and Damascous

Al-Arab newspaper: will the esclaltion in the" obesrvation points" lead to a direct confrontation between the Syrian Regime and Ankara?

In this context, Al-Arab newspaper reported that "the situation in the province of Idlib and its surroundings is deteriorating in the worst direction. Observers do not rule out that this leads to a direct confrontation between the Turkish forces and the Regime forces. Especially since Ankara has shown unequivocally that it has no intention of backing back from supporting the jihadist factions, especially Haiet Tahrir al-Sham led by the Fatah-al-Sham Front, which is classified as a terrorist. "

"Observers believe that the systematic targeting by Syrian forces of the Turkish control points deployed under the agreement to reduce escalation in Idlib cannot be without a Russian cover, a message to Turkey about the willingness to go far to achieve the goal of restoring the province, which is the only one that remained under the control of the Islamic and jihadist organizations. "

For the second time in less than a week, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday that one of its positions in Idlib was attacked by mortars and shelling from an area controlled by government forces, causing, according to the statement, damage without casualties.

Unlike previous times, the ministry said its troops immediately responded with heavy weapons and at the same time protested to the Russian side. Ankara has already said it will not accept "any excuse" from not forcing Syrian forces to stop targeting the checkpoints or attacks on Idlib.

The newspaper pointed out "Turkey's escalation in the eastern Mediterranean may be aimed at diverting the attention of the internal public opinion about the dilemma of Idlib and its surroundings."

Analysts say "Russia is now taking Idlib's priority in Syria, and puts Turkey in a difficult position between choosing a solution to the dilemma or leave it to its forces and the Syrian army to resolve, and Ankara's policy of escaping forward and betting on the ability of factions to inflict Syrian government forces losses will make Russia to make concessions. "

Observers note that the regional and international situation does not serve Turkey, which is facing a continuous deterioration in its relations with the United States because of the Russian S-400 deal, as well as another challenge is the dispute over gas and oil fields with more than one party in the eastern Mediterranean.



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