Ethiopia officially announces starting to fill the Renaissance Dam

On Wednesday, the Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation, Selecci Bekele, announced the process of filling the Renaissance Dam has begun, despite the stalled agreement with Egypt and Sudan on the controversial project because of fears that it would affect the share of the two countries.

Bekele said, in a press statement, the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia has reached the initial storage process estimated at 4.9 billion cubic meters at this stage.

He added that the construction works of the dam allow the natural filling of the dam lake to begin, naturally, saying that the negotiations that concluded between the three countries; Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, in the presence of African observers and experts, witnessed an agreement on some points.

The Ethiopian minister indicated that his country had reservations on some points, adding that the construction and filling the Renaissance Dam went naturally.

Ethiopia's announcement of starting to fill the Renaissance Dam comes in light of many a stumbling round of talks with Egypt and Sudan over a number of technical and legal aspects related to the project.

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