EU describes seizure of municipalities in Bakur as repressive

The European Union has expressed its deep concern over the "repressive measures" taken by the Turkish authorities against the mayors elected by the people in Bakur (north Kurdistan) under the pretext of combating terrorism, and believes that the actions behind "political motives".

A statement issued on Monday by the representative of the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that "the dismissal and arrest of local politicians and the appointment of subordinates in their place, depriving voters of political representation at the local level and strongly threatens to harm local democracy," and considered that these actions would put the results of the doubt Democratic elections held on 31 March.

The European Union, according to Russian agencies, said it recognizes Ankara's "legal right to fight terrorism", but believes that the Turkish authorities should do so "in accordance with the rule of law, while respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms." The EU considers these measures to be "politically motivated".

The dismissal of 3 mayors

The Turkish Interior Ministry announced Monday that it had sacked three mayors belong to Democratic Peoples' in the cities of Diyarbakir, Wan and Mardin in Bakur Kurdistan and appointed AKP government officials in their place. And arrested more than 400 people under the pretext of fighting terrorism, in a move likely to fuel tension in Bakur Kurdistan.

'Coup against democracy'

In contrast, Sezai Tamili, co-chairman of the Democratic Peoples' Party denounced the dismissal of three mayors after appointing secretaries from the ruling Justice and Development Party in three Kurdish cities, describing the ministry's decision as a "civil coup".

"The behavior of the government administration in this way is a coup against democracy, and the exclusion of our mayors represents a clear attack on the fundamental values ​​of democracy and the local administration law that protects the people's choices and will," Tamili said in a brief interview with Al



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