EU source: Erdogan will back down at the first sign of European Union unity

A source in the European Union announced that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will "back down" from his hostility policies, if European countries show unity.

A source in Brussels told the "EURACTIV" website, which deals with European bloc affairs, that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will retreat from his aggressive stance towards Europe "at the first sign of European Union unity."

The source added: "We believe that if Europe shows the first sign of unity, Erdogan will back down, and with his moves, Erdogan is testing Europe's reaction, and therefore, he sees how far he can go in his actions."

The source explained that Erdogan's tactics are aimed either at knowing the reaction of the Europeans, or reaching a full confrontation with Europe.

Last Friday, a meeting was held with Erdogan's advisor Ibrahim Kalin, and on Saturday, Erdogan said that Turkey belongs to Europe, and at the same time he issued a new "NAVTEX" notice in the eastern Mediterranean, then the Irini operation incident occurred.

European Union leaders will meet for a crucial summit on December 10 and 11, to define next steps regarding relations between the European Union and Turkey, amid a growing escalation on a number of issues, ranging from gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean to the dispute. With France, and most recently, with Germany.

Germany, Italy, Spain and Hungary are among the European Union countries that have so far opposed EU sanctions on Ankara, saying dialogue should be a priority.

Bulgaria has reportedly taken no position, but its Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is largely seen as supportive for Erdogan European Union, but according to the source, things are changing quite a bit now.

"The situation is changing even in those countries that have been reluctant to impose sanctions, because Turkey has nothing positive to offer," the source added.



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