"Euphrates Shield" mercenaries bombing villages northwest of Manbij

Mercenaries of the "Euphrates Shield" linked to the Turkish occupation are bombing several villages in the western countryside of Manbij. They caused material damage to houses, and displaced inhabitants from some villages towards Manbij.

 The media Center of the Military Council of Manbij  issued a statement in this regard, saying: "The mercenaries of the Euphrates Shield, in Yaisheli village , northwest of Manbij, targeted the positions of the Military Council of Manbij forces , with heavy weapons; they targeted the villages of Al-Dinyana, Um Adasa, Al-Farat,Um Jaloud and Al sayad that are crowded, they are in the northwest of Manbij. "The shelling caused material damage to the homes of the residents and an exodus from some of the villages targeted towards the city," it said


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