Europeans distance themselves from their IS

The battles of al-Baguz are advancing in the last stronghold of IS, while hundreds of IS mercenaries are surrendering, including foreigners whose countries are distancing themselves from their issue, and discussing alternatives to their repatriation.


On Tuesday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon the battles against IS, and the foreign mercenaries detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: The flames of fighting transform IS' enclave night into light

In the Syrian affair, al-Sharq al-Awsat touched upon al-Baguz battles and said, "It is at 08:00 pm in the town of al-Baguz, east of Syria. In the darkness only you can see the flames of the shells and the light of military vehicles of SDF. The steps of guards monitoring IS militants' movements are being heard only 700 meters away as IS organization is imminent to be eradicated in full in this desert spot of Syria.

About six months after the battle to expel the hardline organization from the last stronghold east of the Euphrates River, only a small pocket of al-Baguz still remained. Heavy fighting and clashes have been ongoing since the night of Friday, and the organization's militants are surrounded by the four sides, and many of the streets of the town and narrow alleys closed with earth mounds or metal barrels in an indication of the presence of a point of clashes on the second side. Moving around in the area is permitted only by a team led by a field commander. The walking is through rough subways, among palm trees, agricultural lands and light signals to monitor the transients' movements. It is forbidden to approach more the areas of clashes for fear of shrapnel of rockets and mortars that have not been calm down all the time.

Al-Quds al-Arabi: Syria: 150 of IS' elements have been surrendered

In the same context, al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reported, "A media field official in the ranks of SDF told AFP on Monday about the departure of hundreds of IS' families and fighters who surrendered themselves on Sunday and Monday among them foreigners, but the majority are Syrians and Iraqis as they were obliged to exit due to the heavy bombardment and military pressure."

The newspaper quoted from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stating, "150 members of the organization of different nationalities handed over themselves on Monday to SDF. The Observatory said that the 150 are among the 400 people who will leave the region. The director of the Observatory Rami Abdul Rahman said on Monday morning that the intensity of the battles subsided, speaking of a "truce" to evacuate the civilians from the families of the jihadists and a number of wounded and fighters of the organization who wish to surrender themselves."

Al-Arab: Europe distances itself from the fate of hundreds of their IS

As for the fate of the foreign mercenaries detained by SDF, the Arab newspaper said, "Many European countries have expressed their negative neutrality towards the fate of hundreds of fighters under the banner of IS and those with European nationalities, while the United States is still ongoing to put pressure on these countries to regain its elements. Many countries such as Britain, France and Germany are working on alternatives that prevent the return of these jihadists primarily for political reasons."

On Monday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardren distanced herself towards the fate one of the jihadists who holds her country's nationality as she said that she would not provide her citizen 42-year-old Mark Taylor who told a local network that he has spent five years in the jihadi organization, but fled in December. Russia is also facing a bigger problem because the number of Russian women who have traveled to Syria is about 4,000 according to the President Vladimir Putin, as well as 5,000 other women from the former Soviet Republics.

The Chechenia activist Khida Saratova is currently looking for the fate of about 7,000 women who have traveled from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Syria and Iraq and currently have about 1,100 children. "

Al-Hayat: Russian and US Chiefs of Staff discuss the situation in Syria with the close of IS' end.

On another subject, al-Hayat said, "Coinciding with the imminent announcement of IS 'defeat in the last pocket in the East Euphrates, and in the first meeting after Washington's decision to withdraw from Syria and then modifying it to keep a force in the East Euphrates and another at al-Tanf base, the US Chief of Staff Joseph Danforth will meet his Russian counterpart Valery Grasimov in Vienna, emphasizing that there is no need to "create another group" to discuss the settlement of the situation in Syria. Moscow has not ruled out the inclusion of additional members to the Astana group which includes Iran, Turkey, Russia.

The spokesman for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Col. Patrick Ryder said, "The two military commanders will discuss avoiding a collision during the Coalition's operations and the Russian operations in Syria, and the exchange of views on the status of US-Russian military relations, the current international security situation in Europe and other key issues."

In turn, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed in statement that a meeting is going to be held in Vienna, but did not disclose the agendas of the meeting. 



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