Europeans warn Turkey not to continue tweet outside the flock

 European parliamentarians and politicians have demanded tough sanctions on Turkey and warned it against continuing to tweet outside the squadron as it would become a pariah of Europe and the world, while the political situation in Iraq and Lebanon remains complex, while Erdogan's opponents are growing as Justice Party defectors prepare to establish two opposition parties.

On Friday morning, The Arab press touched upon the European pressure on Turkey, in addition to the Lebanese and Iraqi demonstrations, and on the rise of Erdogan's opponents inside Turkey.

Al -Ain: European parliamentarians and politicians demand "hard sanctions" against Turkey

Al-Ain newspaper called on European Parliamentarians and observers to take a common European position and impose "solid" sanctions against Turkey for systematic violations of democracy and human rights, and the repeated attacks by the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan on neighboring countries, especially Syria. "

The demands came during an extraordinary conference organized by the Brussels International Center for Research and Human Rights entitled (the growing challenges in the relations between the European Union and Turkey … Determining ways forward) at the European Union headquarters in Brussels, on Wednesday.

Speakers at the conference called take firm position on the systematic Turkish violations of democracy and human rights within the country, and the use of "Machaveli" for the refugee paper to pressure the EU countries.

Participants also agreed on the need to formulate a firm and "hard " European policy to deal with the Erdogan regime, which has disregarded various international covenants and conventions.

Observers agreed that the current European policy towards Turkey is not working; rather, because of its relative leniency, it encourages the Erdogan regime to continue its aggressions and violations in various fields.

At the same time, Kalin-Lunot Ungur, deputy head of the EU-Turkey relations department at the service of European external action, made it clear that Brussels would not give up its constants to please the Erdogan regime.

He pointed out that if Turkey is already keen to join the European Union, it must meet the requirements of democracy and respect for human rights, and stop immediately policies of aggression against neighboring countries, and a rational approach to governance qualifies them and gives them European acceptance.

He stressed that Ankara's continuation of Twitter outside the flock will make it permanently pariah in the European and international frameworks.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: 7 dead in Iraq ... and a call to interrogate Abdul - Mahdi

On the Iraqi issue, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper said, "Seven demonstrators were killed and dozens were injured and suffocated yesterday, with Iraqi security forces using live bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters in Baghdad, amid parliamentary calls to question Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi."

The news agency «Reuters» security sources that the deaths «came from direct injuries to the head live ammunition, and tear gas canisters». It said at least 78 people were injured in the protests.

The head of the «Victory Coalition» former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi criticized the continued repression of the authorities to the demonstrators. He said in press statements that he strongly opposed the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi «because they kill demonstrators», stressing that his parliamentary team «insists on questioning the government and calls for early elections».

The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, warned the House of Representatives, the government, and the judiciary of "negligence in the implementation of the political document" he launched a few days ago and gave Abdul Mahdi 45 days to implement the promised reforms, including a comprehensive ministerial reshuffle.

Al-Bayan: The army is preparing to storm the largest neighborhoods of Tripoli

"For the first time since the launch of Operation Deluge of Dignity on April 4, the Libyan National Army forces are on the edge of the Abu Salim neighborhood leading to the heart of the capital," Al Bayan newspaper said.

Brigadier General Khalid al-Mahjoub, commander of the Moral Guidance Command of the Armed Forces General Command and spokesman of al- Karama Operations Room, told Al-Bayan that the army had finally taken control of the mixers and al-Rawabesh axis, overlooking the Abu Salim neighborhood, which is the southern gate of the capital, which is adjacent to Bab al-Aziziyah. It was the political headquarters of the former regime.

Field sources told Al-Bayan that the National Army is preparing to storm the Abu Salim neighborhood, which means controlling it to reach the heart of Tripoli, adding that huge reinforcements have reached the Libyan army forces in the axes of fighting and that teams from the Saeqa forces have started fighting to resolve them as soon as possible.

He pointed out that special operations inside the heart of the capital will be launched within hours after monitoring the targets by military intelligence and support forces located inside Tripoli.

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