Event to support hunger strikers campaign, congratulate SDF's victory

The Democratic Youth Movement in the Afrin Region organized an event to support the hunger strikers campaign and congratulate the victory of SDF over Daesh.

In a series of activities and events supporting the parliamentarian Leyla Guven and Nasir Yagiz, demanding the lifting of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan's isolation, as well as congratulating the victory of SDF over mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria,

The activity took place In the courtyard of the village of Maarata Muslimia in the canton of al-Shahba, attended by hundreds of parents, members of civil and youth institutions.

The activity hall was decorated with flags of the Democratic Youth Movement, pictures of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, pictures of hunger strikers and pictures of the martyrs of Resistance of the Age.

The event  began with holding a minute of silence, then the co-chair of the Afrin Council, Sherin Hassan delivered a speech, and congratulated the victory of SDF over Daesh, pointing out that the victories achieved would result in a victory in the liberation of Afrin.

"The youth will rise up day by day in the north and east of Syria and in general Kurdistan as part of a campaign to rise up against the Turkish occupation and its imperialist and fascist policies," Rashid Suleiman, a member of the Democratic Youth Movement said.

The attendees then welcomed the Amara band, which came to support the resistance of Afrin residents in al-Shahba, and presented a group of revolutionary and folkloric songs, praising the resistance of Afrin and the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan.



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