"Every injured I treated was my son Mannan"

Tragedy, championship stories, 58 days of resistance against a NATO member, the cause of affiliation with the homeland, accompanying the forcibly displaced people of Afrin, including Donya's story that continued to treat the wounded despite hearing the news of her son's martyrdom.

During the Turkish occupation’s attacks on Afrin canton on January 20, 2018, which continued in light of the resistance of its people for 58 days, each person sacrificed as belonging to his land.

That resistance left hundreds of stories and tragedies among a people wanted to live free and democratically with everyone. The sacrifice of its women who played a pioneering role in the Resistance of the Age is not hidden.

In our report, we will recount the story of a woman who lost her child and became a first-aid nurse to save the wounded people from the Turkish occupation attacks even though she has a blood phobia.

Donya Alloush, 42 years old, from Koran village in Janders district northwest of Afrin is the mother of three children; Mannan, Hussein, and Mohamed Hesso.

Due to the prevailing customs of the society during that period, Donya got married when she was a minor at the age of 17, and after 10 years of marriage, her husband Ahmed Hesso died 15 years ago.

Donya lived with her three children in her father’s home, her hometown, and worked in the agricultural fields to support her children and family under difficult living conditions.

She raised her children to love the country until her children joined the ranks of the People Protection Units (YPG) a year after the outbreak of the Rojava Revolution, July 19, 2012.

Donya joined the Women-Society Protection Units in 2017 despite suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Donya Alloush said: "We have taken our place as the Society Protection Forces on the fighting frontlines to confront the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on Afrin canton."

She said: "Despite my fear of seeing blood - phobia - but I possessed high strength and morale when I saw the wounded and the martyrs. Therefore, I helped the nurses and paramedics to give them first aid."

She noted that they were treating the wounded with simple tools, and sending them to Avrin Hospital in Afrin city center for receiving the medical treatment.

While she was among the injured, she received news about her son injury

While helping the wounded and paramedic, Donya received news of the injury of one of her sons.

Donya noted: "When I was treating the wounded, I was told that my son Manan was badly wounded in the head and back, then I felt that every patient at my hands was my son Manan, so I continued my work in treating the wounded without going to check on my son until I received the news of his martyrdom."

She added that they received more than 10 wounded people and more than 5 martyrs every day.

Bitterness of displacement..

After 58 days of resistance, the people of Afrin were forced to displace from Afrin towards al-Shahba canton, not to mention the forced displacement carried out by the Turkish occupation.

Donya Alloush said: "We were forced to leave our city, and during the displacement, my sister-in-law died on the road from trembling due to the sounds of warplanes that were bombing without mercy, indiscriminately and intensively as they targeted a convoy of civilians who were trying to get out of Afrin, so I dug her a grave in the center of Maarateh Roundabout in Afrin, then we continued on the way to al-Shahba canton."

Now, Donya Alloush is residing in Babens village in al-Shahba canton.


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