Executive Council concludes second annual meeting with decisions, projects

Today, the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria concluded its second annual meeting, which it held yesterday, by drawing up a plan of action and new projects for 2021 in various political, service, military and administrative fields.

Yesterday, the Executive Council held its second annual meeting in the Autonomous Administration's building in Raqqa, during which it discussed the political situation in the region, reviewed all the work in the seven departments, evaluated it and made clear the difficulties that the Autonomous Administration faced during 2020, in addition to numerous proposals and interventions by the participants.

The meeting was attended by the Presidential Authority for the Administration of North and East Syria, the joint presidencies of the seven Autonomous and Civilian Administrations in North and East Syria, in addition to the heads of the Autonomous Administration bodies and offices, and the Head of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed.

During the meeting, many projects and proposals were put forward and a new work plan for 2021 was developed to be discussed later, which was revealed by the Co-chair of the Executive Council in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Berivan Khaled.

In the political field

Continuing political work to solve the Syrian crisis, based on the Geneva Declaration and UN Resolution No 2254.

Work to reconsider the formation of the bodies that represent the Syrian people at the Geneva meeting and the Syrian constitution.

Serious and relentless pursuit for gaining political recognition of the Autonomous Administration within the political solution to the Syrian crisis, and support for the continuation of Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue within the Syrian-Syrian dialogue system, with the aim of reaching a national opposition far from foreign agenda.

In the security and military field

Maintaining security and stability in north and east Syria.

Defending the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian territories.

Seeking to liberate and restore the lands occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries.

Developing the principle of protection, defense and resistance in the face of external attacks.

Defending and preserving the gains of the peoples of north and east Syria.

Continuing to support the security services to eliminate ISIS cells, achieve civil peace, and limit the spread of phenomena that disrupt the culture and traditions of our society.

The security services commitment to the law and the implementation of judicial rulings.

In the field of organization and administrative work

Work to develop the administrative work, restructure the Autonomous Administration in accordance with the basic charter of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, following-up and complete the organizational structures of all bodies, offices and departments in accordance with the approved internal regulations.

Activating and developing the central and sub-central planning, development and statistics offices, and providing them with the necessary expertise.

Activating and developing the supervision apparatus within the Autonomous Administration institutions, providing it with the necessary expertise and specializations, and combating all forms of corruption.

Qualifying human cadres within the Autonomous Administration institutions by opening professional and specialized courses.

Work to hold massive public meetings and listen to the opinions of the masses in order to find solutions to their suffering.

Following-up work on organizing draft laws and issuing circulars and administrative decisions to facilitate the institutional workflow in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

Following-up work to simplify transaction procedures to reduce bureaucracy and reduce the burden on the citizen.

Developing the administrative performance of media institutions due to the importance of the administrative aspect in developing the entire organization.

Following-up work on developing the Autonomous Administration representatives' work abroad, in addition to striving to strengthen relations with states, civil society organizations, academics, political parties and others.

Intensifying efforts to improve the workflow mechanism to support the draft of self-defense duty, and to make the defense mission a priority for Autonomous and Civil Administrations.

Qualifying and training women's cadres in administrations, in addition to empowering them politically and administratively.

Paying attention to the security aspect through training, qualifying cadres and providing the required supplies.

Work on development plans to reach self-sufficiency.

In the field of services and infrastructure

Giving priority to service projects related to infrastructure, such as paving and asphalting roads, maintaining bridges and ferries, extending water, sewage networks and electricity networks, including expansion and maintenance.

Supporting the health sector by restoring existing hospitals and health centers, securing their needs and equipment, building new specialized hospitals, and taking the necessary precautions to prevent the Corona pandemic.

Supporting the education and higher education sector, following up the work on the maintenance and restoration of schools, building new schools, working on standardizing curricula and securing textbooks.

Continuing work to expand organizational plans as needed, and to limit random construction.

Establishing industrial and craft zones as needed.

Taking care of existing sports facilities, building new ones, and establishing vocational development centers for youth in all regions.

Supporting the culture, tourism and antiquities sector to ensure the preservation of heritage and antiquities, following-up documenting the violations against archaeological sites and sending them to the concerned authorities.

Increasing the number of bakeries to cover the citizens' need for bread, and improving its quality.

Working to protect environment and find solutions to environmental pollution problems in all its forms, especially in landfills.

Increasing wooded areas and green belts in dry areas to prevent desertification.

In the field of development projects

Encouraging and providing an appropriate environment for private projects and investments in order to reach self-sufficiency.

Encouraging productive sectors that depend on local products to contribute to providing job opportunities and securing the needs of citizens at encouraging prices.

Developing the agricultural sector, providing agricultural supplies of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, care, and preserving livestock.

Carrying out public and private economic and service projects for women.

In the field of martyrs' families, camps, and humanitarian affairs

Following-up work in the martyrs' cemeteries and paying attention to the martyrs' children and families.

Taking care of camp affairs, improving the conditions of the displaced, and working with all means to bring them back to their homes.

Taking care of the humanitarian file, dealing with it as one integrated file and supporting the office in implementing its strategy.

Building care centers for orphans and people with special needs according to need and capabilities.



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