Exhibition of plastic art in Germany in support of NE, Syria

The activities of a fine art exhibition were launched in the German city of Krefeld, with the participation of a large number of Kurdish, European, and plastic artists, in support of NE, Syria.

With the participation of dozens of Kurdish and European artists, yesterday, activities of a plastic art exhibition entitled "You are not alone" in the Kurdish language, were launched in support of the regions of NE, Syria.

The exhibition will be held at the train station (Zut) in the German city of Krefeld, with the participation of 18 Kurdish artists and 22 European artists, who came from Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France and Austria.

The opening ceremony was attended by German MP Ufa Schoma, representatives of the Human Rights Organization, Refugee Rights Organization, the German Ministry of Culture, and a number of German civil institutions.

During the event, dozens of paintings drawn by plastic artists in support of the regions of NE, Syria are displayed, as the paintings carrying the reality that the region has experienced since 8 years of revolution have changed the reality in the region, to resist in the face of ISIS mercenaries.

One of the plastic artists participating in the exhibition, Jihan Muhammad Ali, said in a special statement to Hawar news agency ANHA“, a greeting of love and appreciation to our people in Rojava, in my name and on behalf of the Renque Art Association, I say you are not alone, either we are together or we are not.”

The exhibition is supposed to be continued from 18th of this month till 22nd of it.



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