Exodus from several Tal Tamr villages due to Turkish shelling

ANHA monitored the displacement movement of the people of the villages that were shelled by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the countryside of Tal Tamr today, to confirm that the Turkish occupation targets their villages even though they are inhabited by civilians.

After relative calm in the villages of Tal Tamr, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries resumed shelling the northern villages of the Tal Tamr district, randomly in the early hours of the evening, causing displacement of the people of those villages.

ANHA agency's reporter was able to reach the civilians who left their villages as a result of the bombing to confirm to our agency that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are targeting villages randomly, despite inhabited by civilians.

People also explained that they sleep among the agricultural lands, fearing of being shelled.

This evening, the Turkish occupation shelled the Assyrian villages of Tel Shanan, Al-Dardara, Umm Al-Kaif, and Al-Abush.

In turn, the fighters of the Tel Tamer Military Council responded to the sources of the sheling in order to be able to destroy the Turkish occupation base on the Manakh hill.



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