Explosion in al-Bab

A car bomb explosion in the occupied city of al-Bab resulted in a number of casualties among the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and civilians.


The city of al-Bab, witnessed an explosion of a motorcycle bomb in Marto Square in front of the Mosque of Rehawi in the north of the city.

According to preliminary information received by ANHA correspondent, the explosion resulted in a number of injuries among Turkish mercenaries and civilians. "Waleed Mohammed Albi 16 years old, Mustafa Qassem 30 years old, Mohammed Swaid 34 years old, Mohammed As'ad Jabali 35 years old, Mohammed Walid Alabi 16 years old, Yazen Mansour 20 years old, Mustapha Shwayeh 60 years old, Abdul Rahman Bakour 15 years old and Yazen Mohammed Mansour 12 years old."

While no one has claimed responsibility for the explosion so far, amid the emergence of a state of chaos in the city and the general areas occupied by Turkey to the succession of explosions, which often are targeting the military headquarters of the mercenaries.



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