Extension of friction prevention east of Syria

US extended a "prevention of friction" in eastern Syria with Russia at a time when unannounced meetings are held to discuss the Syrian situation amid information indicating the warning of the Turkish side of the consequences of launching attacks on northern and eastern Syria

On Saturday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon the Syrian situation and the talks about it.

Al-Hayat: Kurdish official: Russia foiled the talks with the Syrian government.

On the Syrian issue, al-Hayat newspaper said: "The Kurdish official involved in the political path Badran Çiya Kurd said that efforts to hold a political agreement between the Kurdish-led authorities in northern Syria and the government in Damascus are faltered. He blamed Russia, the ally of the President Bashar al-Assad.

Kurd said that the talks do not make any progress, pointing out that «the Russians froze the initiative that was supposed to be carried out by Russia, and it did not begin negotiations with Damascus». "Russia still claims to be working on that initiative, but to no avail," he told Reuters.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: US extension of Russian "to prevent friction" east of Syria

After US President Donald Trump withdrew his decision to withdraw from Syria at the beginning of the year, a series of unannounced bilateral meetings between the Americans and the Europeans took place, with the participation of representatives of America, Turkey, Russia, Europeans and Syrians from East Euphrates.

According to information available to al-Sharq al-Awsat, the Pentagon will retain in one way or another more than 400 troops east of the Euphrates and at al-Tanf base. Washington is putting pressure on its European and regional allies to maintain the Coalition's operations by air and ground deployment, but its allies have asked Washington a series of questions about the amount of the required military contribution, the extent of the American commitment to stay in Syria, and the avoid of a surprise similar to the Trump's statement at the end of last year, when he suddenly decided "full and rapid withdrawal", air cover, understanding with the Russians, and the Turkish role east of the Euphrates.

According to the information, the US has made some progress in the answers, such as extending the "friction prevention" memorandum with Russia, providing air cover, and an American commitment "in the foreseeable future." But the node is Turkey's role in the east of the Euphrates, as Ankara is looming an incursion, copying the experience of the "Euphrates Shield", while Washington sees the possibility of copying the experience of the Manbij map. Washington and European countries have sent "warning messages" to Ankara that "the incursion will further complicate relations with the West and create chaos in northern Syria, threatening Turkish national security."



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