Extermination of nature …. New model of Turkish occupation's crimes in Afrin

 In a series of violations and crimes committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin, they burned more than 3,000 hectares of the territory of the villages of Sherawa, as well as the burning of 11 hectares of forests in Afrin canton, and the people of Afrin describe these violations as "extermination of nature."

The Turkish occupation has been continuing since two months in building partition wall in Sherawa villages in Afrin canton within his plans to separate Afrin from Syria as he did with Iskenderun before it, the crimes of its mercenaries did not stop at the murder, looting, kidnapping and demographic change that affected on the people of Afrin where committed crimes on Afrin 's nature, by burning forests and agricultural land in Afrin.

Among these violations, the Turkish occupation has set fire to more than 11 hectares of 33 hectares of forests and agricultural land, including olive and forest trees, in the villages and areas of Afrin, and on 28 May started of burning of agricultural lands and forests in the surrounding villages of Sherawa in the villages where the wall is being built.

The agriculture lands and trees were being deliberately burned by Turkish occupation in the villages" Quzila, Deir-Mashmash, Basla, in the villages Kimar and Kokaba, and small forest in Sokana located in east of the village, until the fire reached the vicinity of the villages of Bayna and Aqiba is about 2 to 3 Kilometers, which is estimated more than 30 thousand hectares.

As the residents tried to extinguish the fire, the Turkish occupation 's mercenaries fired bullets from the Dushka weapons towards the forest to disperse the residents, preventing them from to extinguish the fire in order not to devour the whole forest.

Jamil Hassan and Fawzi Mammo, a resident from Sokana village of, who were doing everything they could to extinguish the fire, told our agency (ANHA) that denouncing the brutality of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, describing the burning of the forests and lands of Afrin as " extermination of nature " because these fires destroy the trees, plants and animals and all beings in this nature, appealing to the international community to move and stop the crimes of the Turkish occupation in Afrin.




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