Extraordinary meeting of Kurdish parties to discuss developments in Syria, Kurdish arena

The Kurdish parties and powers discussed during their extraordinary meeting the political issues that the Syrian arena in general and the Kurdish areas in particular witnessed, including confirmation of the keenness of the Kurdish side to create an atmosphere conducive to the success of dialogues with international guarantee, calling on the international community to hold the Turkish occupation accountable for the gross violations against the people of Afrin, appealing of the initiative of the K


This came in a statement issued by the parties and the Kurdish powers gathered Thursday in the city of Qamishlo in an extraordinary meeting they were invited to, the final statement of their meeting is as follows:

"The Kurdish parties and powers held an extraordinary meeting. The meeting dealt with a number of political issues that are taking place in the Syrian arena in general and the Kurdish areas in particular. The meeting touched upon the positions of the powers concerned with the Syrian crisis and how to deal with the latest developments and obstacles to peaceful solution which all national and democratic Syrian powers seek, including the Kurdish powers.

The meeting coincided with the approach of the elimination of the last remnants of IS in a small spot in the town of Baguz. The meeting focused on post-elimination challenges and praised the courage of Syrian Democratic Forces and the People’s and Women’s Protection Units, as well as the support provided by the International Coalition in this crucial battle.

The participants also stressed the need for the regime to respond to the demands of the Syrian people regarding decentralization, building a national democratic state and constitutional recognition of the rights of the Kurdish people and the rights of other components. The intransigence of the regime does not help to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, as the statements of the regime officials indicate.

The meeting stressed the keenness of the Kurdish side to create an atmosphere conducive to the success of dialogues with international guarantees. He also called on the Russian Federation, which has expressed its willingness to play the role of guarantor and mediator, to play a positive and neutral role for the success of any dialogue to resolve the crisis, as the Russian position has not crystallized at this point yet.

The meeting appealed to the international community to hold the Turkish state and its mercenaries accountable for the flagrant violations against our people in Afrin. He called upon all Syrians and international bodies involved in the crisis to work to liberate Afrin and expel the Turkish occupiers and mercenaries.

The meeting referred to the American position, including the pullout decision, which surprised the entire world, stressing that this decision led to the creation of more chaos in this region which is already inflamed, and called to clarify the US position on the repeated Turkish threats, which pose a real threat not only to the north and east of Syria, but also on the entire Syrian people. If the withdrawal happens, the American side should have a positive attitude towards the post-withdrawal phase, in terms of continuing to support its allies in the fight against terrorism and protecting them against any threat to this strategic region from Syria, the participants noted that they do not oppose any regional or international force, but they will defend themselves in the event of an attack on their people, and that they support all efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.

The participants appealed of Kurdish National Congress’ initiative to unify the Kurdish rank till establishing an authority which could put an end to the Kurdish-Kurdish differences and called on all Kurdish powers to meet this invitation and participate in the unification process as soon as possible.

The meeting also referred to the importance of the civil peace enjoyed by the Autonomous Administration regions of northern and eastern Syria eight years ago. He also called for the strengthening of brotherly relations between the components of the region, thus enhancing social cohesion and blocking the way for strife and plots aimed at dispersing the national ranks.

In conclusion, the participants stressed the continuation of this democratic and national project that serves the interests of all components of the region and Syria.

Parties and powers signed on the statement are:

The Kurdish National Alliance in Syria

Democratic Society Movement

Democratic Union Party

Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party

Kurdish Left Party in Syria

Kurdistan Green Party

Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party

Kurdistan Democratic Change Party

Kurdistan Workers Union Party

Kurdistan Liberal Union

Kurdistan Renewal Movement

The Kurdistan Democratic Party

Kurdistan National Rally Party

Kurdistan Future Movement

Kurdistan Communist Party



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