Eyewitness: occupation aims to inflict the largest number of victims during its attacks on Afrin

He influenced by the scenes he saw in the media during the Turkish occupation's attacks on Afrin canton, he carried his luggage and went from Sweden to Al-Jazeera region, and entered Afrin to provide medical services to the people, he says: "Turkey was aiming to cause the largest number of victims during its attacks."

Dr. Joan Hami, a great surgery specialist (war surgeon), studied medicine at the University of Aleppo, and after finishing his stage of general medicine, he wanted to complete study and specialization, but the regime dismissed him on a political charge, so he opened a clinic in the city of Afrin, and worked there for ten years, after a while, he traveled to Sweden.

ꞌ He was affected by the videos he watched and went back to Afrin ꞌ

Dr. Joan Hami returned to the regions of northern and eastern Syria, after watching the videos and photos taken during the Turkish occupation's attacks on the city of Afrin on January 20, 2018, explaining: "After watching the videos and photos that were taken I suffered a lot, I went back to the area and headed to the city of Afrin ".

Among the excerpts, photos and videos that greatly affected Dr. Joan Hami, the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation army against a displaced family on January 21, 2018 in the village of Jalbra in Afrin canton, which caused the killing of an entire family, which was working in one of the poultry farms, and said: " Most of them are children of the Arab component, most of them were children. "

Joan Hami described the moment he entered the city of Afrin in the second week of the resistance of the era by saying, "Life was normal in the city, but caution prevailed on everyone, shop owners were heading in the first days of their shops and the people were shopping, everyone was going to work but with anticipation and caution."

ꞌ We were receiving dozens of wounded, most of them children and women

Doctors and hospitals were heavily affected in the early days of the Turkish attacks, Joan Hami said. “In the early days of the attacks, we received more than a dozen wounded, mostly civilians, children, women, elderly, and injuries, all of them as a result of being targeted by aircraft., and on the opposite side of the hospital (Avrin Hospital) there was the institution of the families of the martyrs, and dozens of martyrs were released daily.

ꞌ The occupation was aiming to inflict the greatest number of casualties during its attacks

And Dr. Joan Hami indicated that the Turkish occupation and through its attacks was aimed at inflicting the largest number of victims, and said: "While targeting an area unless medical crews or even the people were able to approach it to get the wounded out, because the planes were targeting everyone who was entering or leaving the target area." So most of the injured were losing their lives. "

Joan Hami explained that the number of the injured was a little compared to the number of martyrs, and he said: "The number of those who were losing their lives was greater than the number of the injured, because the attacks were by warplanes, most of the people who were injured in the head, chest or abdomen were losing their lives, while injuries The feet and arms had to be amputated, because the injuries were so critical. "

He explained that most of the injured were civilians, children, women, men, elderly and fighters, and said: "The occupation was targeting all segments of society, for example, a building was targeted in which doctors, lawyers, families, children, women and the elderly were present."

As a result of the huge number of casualties due to the bombing of the Turkish occupation planes, doctors, not even Avrin Hospital, could not accurately document their number.

 "I do not know how many cases of amputation I have performed, but it is more than a hundred cases, most of them civilians, especially children, women and the elderly," he explains.

After Turkey occupied the city of Afrin, Dr. Joan Hami went to Qamishlo to practice his medical work, and during the occupation attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria on October 9, 2019, he again joined the medical teams to provide medical services to the people of the region, and shows that medical work is a humanitarian action It is the duty of every doctor.

A clear difference between the injuries in Afrin and Serêkaniyê

Joan Hami compared the cases of the wounded in Afrin during the Turkish attacks on Afrin, and his attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria on October 9, 2019, and he said: "Most of the injuries of Afrin were the result of warplanes, while in Serêkaniyê the injuries were mixed."

In the middle of October 2019, after the Turkish attack, a number of civilians were burned in the body, after they were targeted by a strange weapon that the occupation army used in its attacks against the children of Serêkaniyê, including the 13-year-old child, Mohamed Hamid, whose body was severely burned as a result of exposure to a substance. It is most likely an internationally banned white phosphorous.

Joan Hami indicated that according to the burned persons, something was falling on the ground, and then they were burned. He said: "I do not know the exact cause of the burn because I am not a military expert, and the specialists must determine what materials are used in these shells."

 He explained that the injury of most of the civilians who were in the civilian convoy that went to Serêkaniyê, to remove the wounded on October 13, 2019, was the result of using incendiary materials.

Dr. Joan explained that the international medical organizations concerned are well aware of what is happening in the region, but they do not move a finger because they move according to international interests.

Hami praised the great role that doctors have played in the region during the past years, and explained that most hospitals, without exception, opened their doors to the people free of charge.



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