​​​​​​​Faisal Azouz: Our goal is to know region's project, we do not wish to see any disagreement

The coordinator of the National Dialogue Follow-up Committee of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, Faisal, indicated that they are looking for ways to find a formula for compatibility between the Autonomous Administration project and Article 107 of the Syrian constitution related to local administrations.

After an expanded meeting between political forces from the Syrian interior and representatives of the parties in northeastern Syria in Qamishlo yesterday, the coordinator of the National Dialogue Follow-up Committee of the Baath Party Faisal Azouz stated that "the meeting held by the Syrian political forces with parties in northeastern Syria is within the framework of a series of meetings between Syrian forces, and said, "To afflict the whole world that Syria is one."

Azouz indicated that the other goal of the meeting is to solve the outstanding problems, and he said, "There are some outstanding problems and we are working to contribute to solving them, in addition to conveying the voice of the people of the region to inside Syria."

Faisal Azouz noted that all of them stressed the unity of Syria, and said in this context, "Everyone affirmed that they are with the unity of Syria, and belong to Syria, and it is their right to live on its land and to enjoy all its legitimate rights."

He continued: "There are points of view that we would like to discuss. The forces of the region presented the Autonomous Administration's project, and in the Syrian constitution there is a similar project which is the local administration, and there is convergence in some points between the two projects. An appropriate formula, and we do not want there to be points of contention between us. "

On the position of the forces inside Syria regarding the Turkish attacks on the northeastern regions of Syria, said Faisal Azouz, coordinator of the Follow-up Committee for the National Dialogue of the Baath Party: "The forces inside the Syrian forces against the Turkish attacks, and the Turkish occupation, the Syrian President also condemned this."

Faisal Azouz emphasized that the Turkish occupation and its attacks are among the fiercest periods of the occupation that Syria has gone through. He said: "We cannot appease Turkey in its attacks on the regions of northeastern Syria, and this attack targets the whole of Syria." Azouz praised the resistance of the people of northeastern Syria in the face of the Turkish aggression, and added, "The people of the region defended valiantly on this land."



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