Falak Naz Oca: War on HDP is war against Kurds, democratic nation system

The Parliamentarian for HDP, Falak Naz Oca, described the war launched by the Turkish state against their party as a war that comes within the framework of an all-out war with an international decision against the democratic nation system, the Kurds, and the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Turkey stepped up its attacks on HDP after it suffered a great defeat during its attack on the Garê area in Başûr on the 10th of February.

The Turkish state has arrested more than 700 co-presidents, deputies and supporters of the HDP, after hostile statements launched by officials in the Turkish state, starting with its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu, and Defense Minister Hulusi Akar.

With regard to this war against the party and the concepts on which the Turkish state is based and its goals, our agency conducted a meeting with the Parliamentarian for HDP, Falak Naz Oca.

The parliamentarian indicated that the current attack is a continuation of previous attacks on the party. “There are widespread attacks on the Kurdish people, especially in Bakur, by replacing the elected co-chairs of municipalities with other employees and destroying the cities of Northern Kurdistan after the peace phase 2012-2015 and then in 2016. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “There is no peace process, and from that moment, widespread attacks began, not only with the arrest of the joint presidents, our representatives, and mayors, but also the supporters, thinkers, and advocates of democracy.”

She added, “The coalition of the Justice and Development Party and the Nationalist Movement Party established their presence on the war, and through it they supported the voices of nationalist extremists because their policy bankrupted, even the supporters moved away from them and remained isolated, and their party members established other parties and split from them.”

Falak Naz Oca pointed out that “there is great hostility not only to the Kurds but to all peoples, this power has become like a virus that has spread in the country with no relations with neighbors, Turkey is in war with all neighboring countries; with Libya, Cyprus, Armenia, and Karabakh, pursuing a policy of hostility and occupation with all.”

Bankrupt system

She continued, “Therefore, there is an interruption of support from Turkey because it puts the lives of all peoples at risk of its policies. It created economic, political and social crises with the Corona pandemic.”

The parliamentarian explained that the regime in Turkey is going through a major crisis, "their regime has bankrupted, a regime that creates problems at all levels, there are daily murders against women, and the streets of Turkey in Kurdistan have become centers of torture. There is great torture and isolation against prisoners, not only against the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan because of the absence of law and rights.”

Turkey seeks to divert attention from its defeat in Garê

Regarding the Turkish attack on Garê and its results, Falak Naz Oca said, “The last operation in Garê, the defeat of the Turkish state in Garê pushed the Development and Justice Party (AKP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) to cover this defeat, targeting HDP, the co-chairs and members in Imrali Body, some of them are held hostage in prison and the rest abroad, but they cannot hide their defeat.”

Falak Naz Oca likened the period that Turkey is going through to the stage that Nazi Germany went through during the era of Adolf Hitler "after World War II, as a psychological war and propaganda for Hitler conducted, the same thing is ongoing today in Turkey, there is a psychological war in the media outlets with regard to the defeat of Turkey in Garê. They are trying to show themselves right and blame the HDP in the House of Representatives.”

She added, “They did not achieve any result in that. The foreign minister who became the minister of war and propaganda showed pictures of the attack on HDP.”

The goal is not only HDP

Falak Naz Oca stated that their party is not the only target of the Turkish state, “This stage is a historic stage and there are many attacks on the Kurds, and we know that the target is not only HDP, Rojava, or Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan).”

She continued in this context, “The Minister of the Interior mentions the names of the parties and shows hostility to them. There is a comprehensive hostility against the Kurds and the geography of Kurdistan, the occupation in Kurdistan is part of this hostility.”

Naz Oca brought back to mind the close ties between the Turkish state and ISIS mercenaries, “They cooperated with ISIS, just as we saw Turkish soldiers with ISIS mercenaries on the border between Kobane and Bersus. World opinion has seen how Turkey turned into a center for mercenaries transferring to Rojava and Başûr, and we see today that Kobane resistance has become a wound for the Turkish state that wants to take revenge on Kobani’s victory. You remember when Erdogan used to say: “Kobani will fall,” but Kobane won, and this became a concern for the Turkish state.

She added, “We saw in Afrin, that the goal of the Turkish state is to change the demographics of Rojava in Afrin and Serêkaniyê, it is to root the Turkish regime through the Turkish education system and currency, appoint governors, kill people, kidnap people and prosecute them in Turkey. Turkey did not cease here, as ISIS sold Yazidi women in Şengal, and in Afrin, Kurdish women are kidnapped, and Şengal women exposed to, now Kurdish and Arab women in Afrin are being exposed to.”

Comprehensive attack

Falak Naz Oca pointed to the hostility of the Turkish state to all the Kurds, specifically those who adopt the democratic nation system, “meaning Turkey does not target Bakur and Rojava only. There is an occupation of areas in Başûr, especially the strategic ones, there are more than 30 military points and this is because Başûr government allowance and its silence.”

She added, “The voices that come out of Başûr harm Kurdish unity, by isolating the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, and through occupation and demographic change targeting the democratic nation’s system in Kurdistan. The democratic nation is the hope of coexistence as in Rojava.”

One of the main reasons for the Turkish state’s attack on the party indicated, “The Peoples' Democratic Party seeks through its project to do so as well, but the state insists on imposing one language, one flag and one nation, but we say there are many components. The Turkish state sees the pattern of coexistence as a danger to it and does not want the pattern of this coexistence to develop nor an organized free society to emerge. The Turkish state aims to do so by focusing on targeting youth and women, and there are attacks in all regions.”

International bargaining over the fate of Kurds

Falak Naz Oca reminded of the international agreements that targeted the Kurds, “There are great attempts to unify the Kurdish ranks. There is an international decision against the Kurds, as in Lausanne 1923, Kurdistan was divided at the European table, again there are bargains against the Kurds at the European table and every authoritarian country has a vision to divide the region and its interest. We know in the centenary of Lausanne the maps of the Middle East will change. The Third World War on the land of the Middle East is a war of authoritarian states against the democratic nation because the democratic nation will bring democratic change to the Middle East.”


The parliamentarian for HDP, Falak Naz Oca, confirmed that they would resist the attacks in all squares “in prisons and everywhere.”

Falak Naz Oca stressed the need to unify the Kurdish ranks, “We are responsible for the resistance of Kobane, Halabja, Anfal, Sor and Nusaybin,” and considered that obstructing any party to the efforts of unity is “a betrayal of that struggle.”

She categorically rejected any leniency with the obstacles to unifying the Kurdish ranks, and called on the Kurdish people to raise their voice in the face of the spoilers, and said, “We cannot for a party in a part of Kurdistan endanger the Kurds' gains.”



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