Families of detainees decry violations in Turkish prisons

The families of political detainees from Rojava expressed their rejection of the injustice and violations that their sons are subjected to in Turkey's prisons.

The families of political detainees gathered in the al-Antariyah neighborhood, east of Qamishlo and issued a statement which was read in Arabic and Kurdish by Munijeh Haider and Nasreen Haider respectively

At the outset, the statement denounced the torture and ill-treatment imposed on political detainees, and said, "Turkish fascism, through its organized terrorism, has transgressed all international norms by using the worst types of torture, stripping and isolation against political detainees, through ill-treatment and using the dirtiest methods of psychological pressure and physical torture." .

The statement decries the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan to restrict his ideology and prevent it from spreading, represented by the democratic nation, by saying "The leader Ocalan made great sacrifices for the sake of the approach of the democratic nation represented by the brotherhood of peoples."

The statement also called on the Turkish people to put pressure on the state institutions to lift the isolation and provide a political climate, for Turkey to take serious steps towards solving the Kurdish issue.







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