Families of Detainees Foundation calls for prisoners’ release to avoid pandemic

In a statement today, the Families of Detainees Foundation in Afrin appealed to the human rights organization to pressure the Turkish state to release the detainees in order to avoid the spread of the Coruna virus.

After the acceleration of the spread of the Corona virus around the world and the increase in the number of deaths, the Families of Detainees Foundation issued a statement to the public opinion, calling for the need to release detainees from the prisons of Turkish countries.

The statement was read in Sardam camp located in Al-Shahba district by the foundation's member, Salam Sido.

The statement stated:

 Turkey exercises all kinds of chauvinistic and unjust policies against the Kurdish people, and in order to succeed in these policies, it is carrying out cultural and historical genocide against the Kurdish people in northern Kurdistan, and it campaigns of killing, beating, massacres and displacement against them as well.

The statement condemned the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, and said: "We, as the families of political detainees, appeal to all relevant international and local institutions and bodies to fulfill their duty in accordance with international laws relating to detainees, and not to allow the Turkish state to violate these laws."

The spread of pandemic arouses our fear

On the spread of the Corona virus around the world, the statement indicated that the spread of the pandemic creates fear for our detained children, and for all detainees in Turkish prisons who may number hundreds of thousands, so we hope that the Human Rights Organization will do its work and put pressure on the Turkish state to release them If the virus occurs and spreads in the detention centers, the Turkish state and the relevant international parties are responsible for this.

Therefore, we, as the Families of Detainees Foundation in Afrin canton, will not stand idly by in the face of this neglect, and we will not be satisfied that our children's situation remains so.



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