Families of detainees, martyrs: Where are countries that claim to protect human rights?

The families of the martyrs and detainees in Aleppo condemned the Turkish authorities' practices against the mothers of the detainees. "Where are the countries that claim of protecting human rights when the mothers of the hunger strike are suppressed in Turkish streets?," stressing to continue the path of the mothers and resisters till achieving their goals."

In order to support the hunger strike campaign for their detained children, hundreds of mothers of political prisoners in Turkish prisons in the Turkish capital of Ankara and Istanbul city held a sit- in on May 12th, but the mothers in the activity were attacked brutality by Turkish authorities.

In this regard, the detainees' mothers and martyrs in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood have denounced these practices and called on the countries of the world to put an end to these violations and to take into consideration the demands of the protesters and the hunger strikers.

Fidan Hussein, the mother of the martyr Hamouda denounced Erdogan's practices and said, "Mothers have the right to support their children. He does not practice within the scope of religion and democracy. Attacking women on the streets is in itself an injustice and against the idea of freedom, so we do not accept these violations for the mothers of detainees."

Faiza Khalil, the mother of the martyr Ozgur said, "We, as mothers of the martyrs, strongly condemn the Turkish authorities' practices against the mothers of detainees. The purpose of the occupying state is to sever our relationship with our leader, but we will not accept these actions and we will continue our cause."

She added at the end of her speech, "We will continue our struggle and solidarity with the resistance of the strikers and their mothers until their demands will be fulfilled."

Turkey claims democracy and its reality is the opposite

Ettar Rasho, the sister of three strugglers and detained in the prisons of the Turkish occupation, saluted the strugglers who are detained in prisons, and said, "Turkey claims democracy, but its reality is the opposite. It prevents mothers from visiting their children and supporting them. The world's countries, human rights and international institutions do not see these actions," she said.

"They must move to meet the demands of hunger strikers led by Nasir Yagiz and Leyla Guven," she said.

Delshan Othman, the mother of the martyr Mustafa denounced Erdogan's practices, and said, "The occupying state is attacking women in the streets. Whatever it does, we will not stop and we will continue our activities till lifting the isolation on Ocalan."



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