Families of Imrali detainees visit the Public Prosecution to meet their families

The family of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and the families of three other detainees in Imrali prison have submitted a request to the prosecutor in Bursa to meet their relatives.

On Thursday, the brother of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, Mohammed Ocalan, accompanied by his agent Mazlum Dînç, went to the Turkish city of Bursa to apply for a meeting with Ocalan in Imrali prison on Monday.

The brother of the detainee Hamîlî Yildirim, Polat Yildirim, the brother of Omer Hayrî Konar, Emîn Konar, and the sister of the detainee Faisal xwişka, Melîha Çetîn and her daughter Eylem Çetîn, went to Bursa to apply to meet their relatives in prison.

The relatives of the Imrali detainees met with their relatives in Imrali prison on June 5 and August 12.




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