Fawza Youssef talks about democratic nation, its dimensions at forum

The co-chair of the Executive Committee of the Northern Syrian Federation and a member of Kongra Star Coordination Fawza Youssef delivered a speech during the international forum focusing on advocating the democratic nation's project as a model of a solution and a lasting peace project and its social and political dimensions, economic independence and self-defense.

The International Forum on Daesh being held at the Bilsan hall in Amouda, north-east Syria, continues its activities, which has been launched on the first day in the presence of dozens of academicians, researchers, politicians and professors of international and Arab universities. After the first session, which dealt with the historical and political aspect of terrorism, the head of the Executive Committee of the Northern Syrian Federation and a member of Kongra Star Coordination Fawza Youssef gave a lecture on the democratic nation project, which is a model of a solution and a lasting peace project presented by Abdullah Ocalan from Imrali prison.

"You can say that Daesh is the climax of what life can reach from a state of emptiness and meaninglessness to man, an embodiment of the individual and society who have lost their truth and the state of rupture of moral and societal values. The individual who lives in the state of alienation from society, historical facts and the power of understanding is separated from moral values ​​and ends with the transformation into a monster of destruction that destroys all human values, so it is a cause of many catastrophes due to the result of human and moral emptiness. Sometimes, we wonder how Daesh seized that vast span of territories! Was it only the result of fear and the surrender of armies or was it the result of wearing out of political societal systems in the region? So that these societies and nations failed to protect themselves against Daesh.

Speaking about the democratic nation's project, Fawza said in her lecture, "Since the issues we are dealing with are structural, then there must be structural changes, so the democratic nation can be the antidote to a poisonous poison and to all the poisonous anti-social movements in the world.

"The democratic nation project launched by the thinker and leader at the island of Imrali Abdullah Ocalan, which is not aimed at the nation-state or the monopolization of power and its societal theory, could be an ideal model for both Syria and the region,

"Based on the above, if we define the democratic nation, it can be said that it is the approach that seeks democratic solutions to all issues in peaceful ways away from the methods of repression and violence, and the democratic nation is not demarcated by political borders that are conclusive and not limited to a single perspective of language, Religion or history, expresses the partnership of life in which solidarity and cooperation prevail among citizens and groups against the backdrop of pluralism, freedom and equality, and that the nation-state does not have a non-regional or local expression.

Yousef elaborated on the dimensions of the democratic nation on which the social and political order should be based:

The individual, democratic politics, social life, the democratic nation and equal life, the democratic nation and economic independence.

She also touched upon the democratic nation and self-defense, their association with each other, and how every living being defends himself/herself, thereby ending her lecture.


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