Faysh Khabur authorities prevent everyone close to AA from crossing to S. Kurdistan!

Semalka crossing administration confirmed that Faysh Khabur administration began with arbitrary measures and increased restrictions on Rojava by imposing the security form, according to which it prevented everyone close to the Autonomous Administration or the wounded of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and protection units from crossing to Başûr (Southern Kurdistan) for receiving medical treatment, and threatened a number of drivers with imprisonment if they transported SDF wounded with them.

Today, the Semalka crossing administration issued a statement in this context, which said:

"The process of crossing into the Kurdistan Region is carried out according to filling out a form imposed by the security forces there, and according to its content, a citizen must wait for forty-eight hours until the request is accepted or rejected, but the response comes after a week or ten days sometimes."

Since administration of Faysh Khabur crossing has approved filling out a form imposed by the security forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the requests of 106 civilians most of whom are close to the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces have been rejected and justified by the security needs.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, People Protection Units, and Women Protection Unites' wounded from north and east Syria areas and who were wounded in their war against ISIS and mercenaries have been prevented from crossing to the Kurdistan Region for treatment.

The drivers who were transporting the wounded from Faysh Khabur crossing to the treatment centers in the cities of the Kurdistan Region were Called by the Asayish of the city of Duhok and threatened with imprisonment if they continued this work, which forced many drivers of those vehicles to sell ​​their source of income and stop working."




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