February 16, when Turkey used chlorine in Afrin before eyes of world

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries used internationally banned weapons on this day of last year, in Afrin, before the world's eyes.


On January 20 last year, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries began their attacks on Afrin canton, using tanks, artillery and warplanes. In Afrin, the Turkish occupation committed 6 massacres endING the lives of dozens of civilians, while the occupation destroyed the trees and stone also through the arsenal of weapons.

Among the hundreds of crimes committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin was the use of internationally prohibited weapons in populated areas.

In addition to all criminal acts, the Turkish occupation army, on the 16th of February last year, specifically on the 27th day of the attacks, used internationally banned chlorine gas in populated areas in Aranda village in Shih district of Afrin canton, resulted in injuring 6 civilians.

At that time, ANHA agency obtained the names of the injured who were transferred to Avrin Hospital in Afrin, they were Abdel Rahman Mohammed Saeid, 29 years old, Mahmoud Rashid Hassoun, 33 years old, Wadah Mustafa Khalil, 35 years old, Ahmed Mohammed Hamo, 38 years old, Adnan Othman Shaleko, 35 years old, and Mohammed Aref Heqi 43 years old. "

The Administration of Avrin hospital confirmed by a statement presence of civilian casualties with strange signs and abnormal distortions and after conducting medical tests, it demonstrated the use of chlorine gas against civilians.

The first stage of the Resistance of the Age lasted 58 days, when the Turkish occupation army committed the worst crimes against humanity, all of which were in front of the eyes of the whole world and did not prevent one of these crimes, targeting the most important archaeological and religious sites and destroyed schools.



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