​​​​​​​Female Yazidi fighter: We fight against genocidal policies

The YPJ Yazidi women fighter struggle in Ain Issa district to avenge her family, who was forced to flee to Afrin due to the massacres of the Turkish state in 1934. She says she defends her values ​​within the ranks of the Women's Protection Units, YPJ.

YPJ include fighters from all components of northeast Syria. Young women join their ranks to struggle against occupation and male mentality.

Yazidi fighter Khwenda Sharzan is a young woman that found a way to defend their presence within the ranks of YPJ, Khwenda says she defends her values ​​and culture that are under constant attack.

From Mardin to Afrin march of displacement


Sherzan is from Mardin in Bakûr of Kurdistan, “Northern Kurdistan”, they fled Turkey due to the massacres against the people in 1934, during which a number of her relatives were martyred, her family was forced to flee to Afrin and Signal, in Afrin she enjoyed the religious freedom before its occupation by the Turkish state and its mercenaries.
after Afrin Occupation, they were forced to flee the massacres against the Yezidis, and their hatred for the occupation. she joined the ranks of YPJ. She fights with her companions on the fronts of Ain Issa district of the Euphrates.

The Ottomans first, then ISIS, and now the Turkish state ′

′ On the massacres against the Yazidi community, Sharzan says, "Although many massacres were committed against the Yazidi community to eliminate its culture, they failed. We were able to preserve our culture."

The Ottomans wanted to exterminate the Yazidis, and the Turkish state-supported ISIS killed thousands of Yazidis especially the women. Our people went to the mountains to preserve their existence and culture.

Afrin, which was housing thousands of displaced was targeted with the same brutality. The Ottomans, ISIS later, and the Turkish occupation are launching their attacks against us now with the same mentality to undermine the Yazidi community and the components and peoples of the region. To block the way to the occupation and prevent it from reaching its ends, I will fight to the end. "

'Make way for the occupation to commit more massacres ′


The Ottomans forced the Yezidis, Syrians, and Armenians to convert to Islam. Today the Turkish occupation follow the same policy against the components of the region. Khwenda's father is one of the victims of this policy. He was forced by the Turkish occupation to convert to Islam, but her mother is Yazid that is why, in order to stand up to this policy, Khwenda deepens the thought of Zoroaster.

On the YPJ's resistence and struggle on the fronts of Ain Issa, she says, “The massacres committed by the Ottomans against our people will not be repeated, I will fight to the end in Ain Issa. We will not allow the occupiers to commit more massacres against our people.

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