Ferhad Hamo: What happening in Idlib, Hama resulted from Astana 12

Ferhad Hamo pointed out that "what are happening in Idlib and Hama are the consequences and results of Astana 12," expecting that the military operation launched by the regime forces with Russian support to Idlib was limited. Moreover, He indicated that the bilateral agreements would not bring the solution to Syria.

After the Astana 12th meeting, the demilitarized zone of Idlib has been witnessing a violent escalation between the mercenary groups and the regime's forces with Russian support, as the latter have taken control of several villages and towns since the start of the escalation on May 1st.

Hawar news agency held a meeting with the assistant of the General Coordinator of the Syrian Democratic National Alliance and the member of the Public Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Ferhad Hamo.

Ferhad said, "What are happening in north-west Syria, especially Idlib region and the north of Hama are the consequences and results of Astana 12th."

Hamo predicted that the military operation in the north-west of the country was limited, not including the province of Idlib, believing that it would include securing the route of Aleppo-Lattakia and protecting Hmeimim Airport from the attacks that may have occurred.

He noted that there was no full agreement of the other actors in the Syrian file such as Iran, in addition to the presence of Western powers and the United States, which had an effective role or influence directly or indirectly in the situation in northwestern Syria, and said, "As a result of this complexity in the situation there, I expect the process to be limited."

Hamo added, "Any military escalation in Syria leave primarily civilian casualties, and this will result in a humanitarian crisis. As is done in Syria, the humanitarian file is always politicized."

He stressed that the agreements and swaps taking place between Russians and Turks would not led to the solution for Syria, and the political settlement was primarily related to the Syrians taking their decision, and the cease of the countries in Syria to invest their agendas in Syria serving their agendas.

He stressed that the political settlement would be achieved in the event of a serious international will, and not with the agreement on the areas of expansion of influence and the exclusion of other Syrian active actors; excluding the representatives of northern and eastern Syria of the political process.


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