Ferhan Haj Issa: Peaceful approach of administration revealed Turkey's lies

Ferhan Haj Issa, the co-chair of the Public Relations Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council said that the peaceful approach of the Autonomous Administration revealed Turkey's position in the quagmire of the international terrorism and brought it to a standstill due to its wrong vision and trends in the region.


Turkey is trying by various means to undermine the security and stability of northern Syria and strike the growing democratic project, looking for groundless pretexts and arguments to intervene in the affairs of the region and occupy other areas of Syria.

On the Turkish political trends and the Turkish role in the region, the co-chair of the Public Relations Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council Ferhan Haj Issa said in a statement to Hawar news agency that Turkey's occupation of several areas in Syria made it hated at home and abroad because it unlawfully attacked a neighboring country.

And about the lost Arab role in the face of the Turkish occupation, Ferhan said, "The Arab role is below the required level. We want our Arab brothers to play a positive and effective role in this regard. The absence of the Arab role is unjustified, especially the Republic of Egypt and all Arab and international forces must deter Turkey and put an end to its criminality."

And on the absence of the United Nations and not playing a role in the incidents witnessed in the region, Ferhan said, "The United Nations must condemn this Turkish occupation because Turkey is criminal and out of international law, and it must respect the sovereignty and independence of the states. The United Nations must do its duty to deter Turkey and hold it the accountable."

Ferhan concluded his speech by saying, "The Syrian people with all components as well as the forces of Kurdistan have to move away from this terrorist state and stand together in one row."



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