Fierce battles in Hama countryside, violent clashes to control strategy town, regime bombardment intensified

Hama countryside is witnessing fierce battles between the regime forces and mercenary gangs, where the latter launched violent attack in trying to control the strategic town of Jalameh, making progress despite intensive raids and bombardment by the regime and Russia.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that axes in the north-western countryside of Hama governorate are witnessing continuous fierce fighting between the regime's forces with Russian support from one side and the mercenary gangs on the other.

Turkey's mercenary gangs managed to take control of an extensive areas of the strategic town of Jalameh in the context of its second assault on it since Saturday, after the failure of the first attack on Friday evening.

The Syrian Observatory monitored heavy smoke covering the southernmost countryside of Idlib and the northern and northern eastern parts of Hama as a result of igniting the mercenary gangs of dozens of rubber tires in an attempt to disrupt the warplanes. The heavy fighting has also been accompanied by reciprocal rocket fire with dozens of missiles and rockets since early Sunday, Intensive raids on the battle axes accompanied by aircraft of the military regime.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained that the mercenary gangs had carried out a surprise operation in the mountains of the coast (Jabal al-Sahal), which was the attack on the regime forces' positions in the Abu Assaad hill in the northern countryside of Latakia. Where it managed to kill at least 5 elements in addition to the seizure of ammunition and weapons and killed at least a mercenary of the attackers during the clash.

While violent clashes since dawn on Sunday on the axes in Jabal Turkman northern-east countryside of Lattakia, between the regime forces on the one hand, and mercenary gangs on the other, in a recent attack on the sites of the first, amid the bombing and mutual targets. Leaving more wounded and killed between the two sides.



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