Fierce clashes intensified in De-escalation zone with continued bombardment 

Heyat Tahrir al-Sham 's mercenaries (HTS) supported by Turkish occupation attacked regime forces' positions, while the regime forces launched air raids amid violent clashes with Turkish occupation's mercenaries in the zone so-called " De-escalation."

The mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation launched an attack on the regime forces in the axis of al-Qasabiyya in the southern sector of the Idlib countryside, which resulted in clashes between the two parties.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the mercenaries were able to enter the village of al-Qasabiyya before resuming the withdrawal under pressure of fire intensity.

The battles accompanied by intense and mutual bombardment, resulted in casualties between the two sides, that resulted in the killing 7 mercenaries and 5 regime forces.

In a related development, mercenary gangs targeted with artillery and missiles areas and concentrations of the regime forces in Salhab, Joren camp, Maharda, al-Hammemyat, al-Muker KafarNaboda

While the helicopter flight to the regime about 20 barrels of explosive on areas in each of Marat Harma and outskirt, Hazareen, Marat al-Seen, Sheikh Mustafa, Nkir, KaferNabal, Um-al-Seer and Arenibah and outskirt al- al-Qasabiyya in the southern sector of the countryside Idlib.

The Russian warplanes bombed the outskirts of Heish and Arenibah south of Idlib this morning after an absence of airspace since Saturday evening, while the warplanes bombed places in the city of Khan Sheikhan and its surroundings and the outskirts of the al-Qassabiya and targeted the road raids linking with the countryside of Hama.



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