Fighters from Raqqa: We will not allow ISIS to return

Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces from the city of Raqqa, liberated from ISIS mercenaries in 2017, confirmed that they would sacrifice themselves so that their city would not return under the control of the black darkness sought by the Turkish occupation

Perhaps those who understand the meaning of freedom are those who have lived injustice and oppression. Therefore, it is evident that a large number of people from the city of Raqqa have joined the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces to protect and defend their city so that injustice does not return to it again

The Turkish occupation state, accompanied by thousands of mercenaries, continues to launch aggression against north and east of Syria. The people of the region believe that Turkey is trying to restore ISIS to the region with a new label and structure, and this is shown by the groups that affiliated to Turkey

Mahmoud al-Khader, a fighter from the southern Tal al-Saman in Raqqa countryside, joined the Syrian Democratic Forces  in 2015 and fought against ISIS mercenaries in Raqqa, Tabqa, and more recently in al-Baghouz a year ago, and is currently protecting his city from the danger of the expansion of the Turkish occupation and the return of ISIS

"Al-Khader said: We are afraid of the return of ISIS, which is the Free Army, so we protect our city from Turkish aggression and keep it safe, now the Free Army wants to come, destroy, loot, and bomb houses. Now all the occupied areas are in a state of terror and destruction".   He added: "We have rebuilt our city and now they want to destroy it again. Turkey's goal is to occupy land and access to oil” Mahmud al-Khader said at the end of his speech "We will not give our land to the Turkish occupation, even for our blood.

The fighter Dijwar Antariya says  :We support our Kurdish, Arab, Armenian and Syriac brothers to defend our land . "The mercenaries of the occupation are practicing the ugliest dirty methods against civilians in the occupied areas, and we will sacrifice ourselves to restore security and safety for our people

.Fighter Muhammad Nur said : "Turkey was the first supporter of ISIS, we have eliminated ISIS and now a new category of ISIS has emerged. They are fighting us in the name of Islam and occupying our lands,"

. "Muhammad Nur added: "The enemy is fighting us with heavy weapons and advanced equipment and we are protecting ourselves with light weapons. We will continue to fight until the last breath, we will not allow the days of the Ottomans to return again.”

He concluded by saying, "Our people in Raqqa reject the Turkish occupation, we consider Turkey as a hostile force and an occupation force that came to occupy our land and loot its goods.”



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